I’m not a US resident and wish to purchase the summit physical package


The physical package is only available to US residents at the moment. Not my preferred choice being from Germany myself but as of right now we don’t have the capacity or demand for international orders.

Without the DVDs or internet, here’s who to make the most of the summit:
Once you’re inside the member’s area please navigate to your summit package. Next please select a speaker. That opens a new page just for this interview. Underneath the video you’ll find download buttons:

To download please right click on the button and select “Save as…” or “Save link as…” and download the file.

This way you can have the audio and transcripts at hand any time. Maybe when you’re in a location with better internet, download the audio and PDFs and then you’re set.
Next you could burn the audio files on a CD and even print out the transcripts in a binder which would be more affordable than the shipping costs.

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