Overview of programs in collaboration with Chef AJ


We collaborate with Chef AJ for a myriad of program which include The Real Truth About Weight Loss Summit, Feel Fabulous Over Forty, Lose Weight With A Full Plate just to name a few. We also run other programs outside this space. Similarly, Chef AJ also holds programs independently or with other partners. 


Here’s a quick overview of our collaboration with Chef AJ. While all of them target different needs, the core principles of each program are essentially the same. The main differences are the

  •  Level of guidance you receive
  •  Access to our incredible fully indexed library of resources


  1. Summit

The Truth About Weight Loss Summit is a gathering of experts sharing insights. You get access to video, audio and transcripts. It serves to provide a wealth of knowledge which helps you lay the foundation in our other courses. 


  1. Challenge 

Lose Weight With A Full Plate 21 Day Challenge helps you get started on the lifestyle step by step with daily assignments and weekly live Q&A with Chef AJ. A lot of those who signed up for this are those who are overwhelmed with the information and are unable to jump in the deep end and figure out as they go. Started on 16 March 2020 and it it will be repeated again later in 2020. 


  1. Master Class

Lose Weight With A Full Plate Master Class  is an in-depth 12 weeks structured course to master the lifestyle broken into lectures and assignments. 


  1. Membership

The Feel Fabulous Membership by Better Life Summits in collaboration with Chef AJ is a powerhouse. It is an ongoing membership program where you enjoy what you’ve already learned (or you can jump in the deep and figure it out as you go but that doesn’t work for some people). As a member, you receive

– Weekly new content including live sessions with Chef AJ, Dr. Lisle and other experts

– A powerful knowledge base where you can pull up answers from Chef AJ to almost any question across 100+ hours of content

– A members directory to find accountability partners in your area

– Weekly recipe suggestions

– A meal planner – create your own meal plan with grocery list from over 100 recipes from Chef AJ

– Chef AJ’s morning inspiration and evening meditation

– Yoga with Chef AJ

– Access to our moderated Facebook group

And so much more. Plus you get a 14 days free trial to fully immerse and experience it yourself and you can cancel if it doesn’t meet your requirements within the 14 days trial period. In addition, if you sign up for the annual plan, you save 55% making it only $12.25 a month! For more on Feel Fabulous have a look at the video summary here: https://feelfabulousoverforty.com/register


Think of it as the summit laying the foundation, the challenge helping you get started, the master class helping you to fully master the concepts and the membership program to enjoy the lifestyle and celebrate what you’ve learned with your fellow community members.

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