Is Feel Fabulous suitable for busy people?



Feel Fabulous is here to help you make this way of eating fit in with your lifestyle. No one is telling you how elaborate your food choices should be. That’s all up to you! In fact, Chef AJ encourages simple meals and systematizing your meal preparation. Chef AJ is pretty busy and prepares her own food. Many dishes take only minutes of actual preparation (negligible time if you purchase pre-chopped ingredients) and with the right equipment like an instant pot, it speeds things up incredibly without you having to watch over the food while it cooks.

And if you’re short on time, you’ll love the weight loss vault – our knowledge base where you can search for answers across over 100 hours of video! That means you don’t have to watch long presentations or read articles. Enter a search term and you’ll be directed to the exact point in the video where that question in answered! This is a game changer and will save you SO much time.

And because you get access to our meal planner, you can create your own meal plans with simple recipes, get a grocery list for your shopping and videos to follow along for most recipes.

Just dive in and we’re sure it will fit your busy lifestyle perfectly!

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