Where do I find the replays?


For each summit the expert interviews are available for 24 hours.

During that time you can watch them on the live page of the summit. That means you only need one link for the whole summit!

Regardless of whether you tune in right at the start of the day or late at night – use the same link to participate in the summit. You’ll receive that link via email or can retrieve it here.

Once you open the link it will take you to the summit. One the summit page you may have to scroll down to find the section with the individual summit interviews of that day.

After the 24 hour period however replays are no longer available.

If you would like to support our work so that we can continue doing this (we are a small husband and wife team) and want to own the summit for life with access to all audio, videos, transcript an bonuses, then you might want to consider purchasing any of our packages and taking advantage of our 30day money back guarantee.

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