I don’t have enough time to watch the interviews, what can I do?


During the replay period of the day, you’ll be able to listen to interviews on your mobile device on the go.

Please note: To do this you need to wait until the replays are up!

Refresh the summit page, scroll down to the replay section and pick a speaker. That will open a new page. On that speaker’s page click play on the blue bar underneath the video. That’s our audio player and it allows you to lock your screen on most mobile devices (if your device is not supported unfortunately we can’t change that – but most modern devices should work!).

That means you don’t have to sit down to listen to the summit interviews. Instead listen to them on your way to work, in the car, running errands, in the gym, etc.

While we recommend to sit down and take notes during summit interviews, this way at least you have a chance to tune into as many interviews as possible.

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