What is the Summit Package?

During the summit you can watch the expert interviews free of charge. But the interviews are only available for 24 hours until the next group of speakers comes on the following day. Most participants find that watching 3 or more interviews per day and watching them just once isn’t enough to take in all the knowledge and implement it in their lives.

The Summit Package gives you the opportunity to go through everything at your own pace and secure lifetime access to everything 100% risk free because we offer a money back guarantee for all summit packages (terms and conditions apply).

The package is for you if you want to do more than just watch the interviews and are looking to implement the tips from the summit in their own life. You’ll get lifetime access to all interviews, audio downloads and print outs. Plus we try to put together a collection of bonuses for each summit that could be yours for free with the summit package.

We offer digital summit packages for all our summits. In some cases we may offer a physical package as well.

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