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Maximize Your Impact and Create A Sizable Income By Hosting Your Own Virtual Summit*

*while outsourcing all the hard stuff with zero money down

If you want to change lives and make a living with integrity, then this may be the most important message you'll ever read. Here is why:

Too many ideas die. Not because they are bad ideas, but because of a lack of time, lack of finances, lack of technical skills...

So what if you could create a free online event for the whole world to see without having to worry about all the hard stuff and without a single dollar coming out of your pocket?

That's what we do - we create virtual summits for ideas worth sharing. Over 150,000 people have joined our summits so far and we'd love to reach even more together! Click here and let's talk:


With Virtual Summits Everybody Wins

...which is why you can have such a massive impact without having to actively sell anything!



Participants get to learn from 20-40 speakers on a specific subject free of charge. That's rare and can be - and often is - life-changing.

How It Works

  • Participants hear about the online summit and sign up with their name and email
  • During the days of the summit participants can watch all the expert presentations free of charge (we'll notify them via email)
  • Participants have the option of purchasing the summit recordings which gives them lifetime access (that's how a summit generates revenue)
Partners / Affiliates

Why Host A Virtual Summit?

There are countless reasons to host your own summit - here are our top 6


Reach a global audience

Online summits are so popular because anyone can join worldwide - it's the perfect springboard to reach a wider audience and multiply your reach.


Impact other people's lives

One single person can only do so much... But with your summit you'll create a platform for multiple experts to join forces and create a profound impact.


Boost authority and visibility

Because a summit is an event and features renowned experts you'll naturally become one of the thought leaders in your field.


Generate income while helping others

While summits are free to join, many participants purchase the recordings and you can follow up with other offers after the summit has ended.


Relationships with other influencers

A summit is the perfect platform to connect with other thought leaders in the field. You'll find these relationship to be invaluable as you continue to grow.


Rapid growth in a short time

Creating a community, building your email list, having an incredible product to sell... with a summit all this and more happens within just a few short months.

Launch your own summit*

*while we take care of all the hard stuff...

Why Work With Us?

The Partner You Need

We've lived and breathed summits since 2017. Over 150,000 people have signed up for our summits and online offers so far and it's getting more every day. So we know a thing or two and take pride in producing quality summits.

And because we become partners, we'll work just hard as you to make your summit a huge success!


Zero Investment

Summits are a great way to multiply your reach and grow your business. However the technical execution is challenging and you could expect to pay $30,000 to 50,000 or more to run a high quality summit. But because we believe life-changing messages deserve to be heard, Better Life Summits offers the only way to launch your own summit with zero upfront investment!*

*We only work with a few, select partners and if we have a shared mission, we'll pay for everything upfront and recover our costs from the summit sales.

You keep up to 75% of the profit

We want this to be a long-term partnership where we run summits year after year. So we'll split the revenue as follows:

  • If participants join through word of mouth, we split the resulting profit 50-50
  • If participants are referred by partners, the partner receives 50% and we split the remaining profit 50-50

As the host, you get your own referral link - that means you'll get 75% of the profits from participants who you invite (50% for the promotion and an additional 25% from your share of the summit profits)!


Grow Your Audience

Because summits offer incredible value free of charge, they attract thousands, tens of thousands and sometimes even hundreds of thousands of participants...

Just imagine what you can do with a huge audiences that knows and trusts you! Regardless of whether you offer coaching, a course, sell books, physical products or services... the summit establishes you as the authority in this field so your opportunities are literally limitless...

Working with us is like having an in-house production team you don't have to pay for!

Done-For You Service

We take care of everything behind the scenes

...and you can enjoy the ride without investing a single dollar upfront

Event Planning

Event Planing

From the strategy and story line of the summit to the actual scheduling of presentations, website updates, participant notifications, summit package offerings - everything is planned and coordinated so you don't have to worry about the details.

Summit Homepage
Email Marketing
Affiliate Management
Summit Sales
Customer Support

There is so much more that goes into launching a summit (like IT and all the techy stuff) but the main thing is: You're the face of the summit while we take care of everything behind the scenes.



"I'm looking forward to hearing from you and see how we can collaborate!"

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