Launch A Wildly Successful Online Summit While Outsourcing All The Hard Work For Free

Imagine... What if you could launch your very own summit while outsourcing all the hard work for free?

Imagine reaching a global audience, building a huge following, creating an amazing product, generating revenue, building invaluable partnerships, becoming an authority in your space...

And that's what we do: Helping amazing experts like yourself multiply your impact without investing any of your own money.


Why launch your own summit?


Reach a global audience

Online summits are so popular because anyone can join worldwide - it's the perfect springboard to reach a wider audience and multiply your reach.


Impact other people's lives

One single person can only do so much... But with your summit you'll create a platform for multiple experts to join forces and create a profound impact.


Boost authority and visibility

Because a summit is an event and features renowned experts you'll naturally become one of the thought leaders in your field.


Generate income while helping others

While summits are free to join, many participants will want to keep the recordings & bonuses which can generate sizable revenue for you.


Relationships with other influencers

A summit is the perfect platform to connect with other thought leaders in the field. You'll find these relationship to be invaluable as you continue to grow.


Rapid growth in a short time

Creating a community, building your email list, having an incredible product to sell... with a summit all this and more happens within just a few short months.

Launch your own summit*

*while we take care of all the hard stuff for free...

How Does It Work?

What is an online summit?

An online summit is a online event that is typically free to join. Each day participants can watch different pre-recorded expert interviews. If a participant wishes to keep the recordings or get bonuses they have the option of purchasing a summit package. This is how a summit makes money.

Because summits are free and provide a ton of value you'll regularly see summits with participant numbers in the five or even six figure range.


Zero Investment

Summits are a great way to multiply your reach and grow your business. However the technical execution is challenging and you could expect to pay $27,000 or more to run a summit. Because that's out of reach for many and because we believe your message deserves to be heard, Better Life Summits is the first and only way to launch your own summit with zero investment...

In short: we pay for everything upfront and recover our costs only when the summit makes sales!

You keep up to 100% of the profit

Because we're committed to making your summit a huge success and a yearly event we'll split the profit as follows:

  • As the host you keep 100% of the profit coming from visitors that you've invited like your current followers
  • As the publisher we want to advertise your summit - to be able to recover those costs we'd keep sales coming from our promotions
  • If a third party - like an affiliate - invites participants to join the summit we'd split the profit 50-50

Grow Your List At A Profit

Just imagine what you can do with all the subscribers that will join your list with the summit! Regardless of whether you offer coaching, a course, sell books, physical products or services... the summit establishes you as the authority in this field so your opportunities are literally limitless...

And the best part: you get this influx of loyal followers and customers at a profit! Think about that for a second! There is nothing on the market that comes even close to this value proposition...

Launch your own summit*

*while we take care of all the hard stuff for free...

What's Included?


As the host of the summit you'd conduct the interviews and of course you'll be the voice of the summit and communicate with the speakers and participants.

We take care of the rest.


Summit Homepage

We take your content and create a summit with all the bells and whistles to give your participants a great experience. This includes graphics and copywriting.

Plus we have a few tricks up our sleeve to maximize conversions like segmenting the audience and communicating specifically to their desired outcome or challenge.

Email marketing

We'll schedule emails to go out to participants for the summit launch, daily updates as well as the final sales push.

Everything is taken care of regardless of whether 10,000 or 100,000 people join your summit.


Affiliate Center

We'll set up a custom affiliate center so your speakers and partners can easily promote the summit. This includes graphics, tracking and cart integration.

This is the most intuitive affiliate dashboard you'll ever see. It literally only takes 3 minutes to sign-up, share the summit on Facebook, add a banner to a blog, send out an email and add the payment details... 3 minutes for all of that! You'll look like a rock star and your partners will love you for this. This build immediate trust and your summit can really take off...

Member's area & support

We'll create a member's area for customers to access their summit package and bonuses.

Plus we'll handle support requests like lost passwords or refunds.



We have no doubt that your summit will be impactful and live-changing for many. To get the word out we're planning on promoting each and every summit with our own money. So you pretty much have an agency working for you for free without even having to pay the advertising costs...

Yes, call us crazy but we're on a mission to change the world and this is our way of doing our part!

There is a ton more that goes into launching a summit and we're happy to show you behind the scenes of what we do. But for now the main thing you have to know is this: When we launch your summit together, you're the face of the summit while we take care of all steps behind the scenes. And because this is a partnership you don't pay a single cent for our work...

Simply click here and let's catch up to explore how we can join forces:

FAQs - answered by Tobi (founder)

Behind the scenes

Watch this presentation, get to know Tobi (the founder) and discover the three secrets that allowed us to get 18,000+ sign-ups on our first attempt.