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Payment Questions

How can I ask for a refund?


For the terms and condition of our refund policy please refer to the details on program’s registration page and our terms.

We typically offer a 30 day money back guarantee on programs of six weeks or longer.

For shorter programs, there may not be a money back guarantee or it’s shorter.

In case you want to ask for a refund, simply email us: hello@betterlifesummits.com with the email you used during checkout.

I don’t want to pay online. Are there other payment methods?


We’re a small husband and wife team of 2 doing everything and because we live in Germany, we can only receive online payments and can’t accommodate other forms of payments.

Update Credit Card details


Updating your credit card information is possible inside the customer hub of our shopping cart. The shopping cart is called “ThriveCart” and you can follow along here:

1. Click this link (opens a new tab) and enter your email into the field: https://click.thrivecart.com/updateinfo/

2. Within a few minutes you should receive an email from “ThriveCart” with the subject “Update info / view purchase history”. Please check your spam folder as well!

Once you’ve received the email please click the link inside that email (it expires in a few minutes so if it doesn’t work, request a new link via step 1).

3. After you clicked the link, it will open a page where you can click “Update my info” in the profile section.

Clicking this button will then open a modal window with your personal details and the ability to update any card details.
To update your credit card the steps are:

  1. Click the ‘Update’ button to unlock the credit card fields
  2. Enter the new credit card details
  3. Click “Save Changes”

After you’ve entered your new credit card information, complete the update by clicking the “Save changes” button.
That’s it. You can verify the update by closing the modal / pop up and then clicking the “Update my info” button once again.

Why is the company registered in Singapore?


Before we get into the history of Better Life Summits know this: while the company is registered in Singapore, our payment processors in Stripe and PayPal are US based, our email service providers are US based, our website server is in the US and most of our community is from the US as well.

So why Singapore?

Tobi, the founder of Better Life Summits is from Germany. Before starting Better Life Summits Tobi worked in the renewable energy sector and ended up in Singapore for projects in South East Asia that were set up to reduce carbon emissions. That’s when he met his wife, who is Singaporean. A few years later he founded a company in Singapore which turned into what you see today.

While Singapore may catch you by surprise, Singapore is one of the world’s most modern countries (it’s not China), the fourth largest financial center in the world, one of the least corrupt country – far ahead of countries you would trust like the US and most of Europe. And Singapore is a vibrant, fascinating melting pot of cultures that is definitely worth a visit if you ever have the chance.

So the fact that our company is registered in Singapore comes from the personal history behind it. Any while many thing we’re a big company, Better Life Summits is essentially a team of two.

Tobi and his wife live in Germany right now.

Technical Questions

Can I download the videos?


We don’t offer the option to download videos in our programs because the videos often go hand in hand with the assignments that are written out on the page and you wouldn’t get the same value from the lessons by just watching the videos. 

But at times we do offer audio downloads for videos so you can revisit the content on the go. This option is not available for all courses for copyright reasons but if you’re lucky and the option to download audio files is available you’ll find a download link next to the respective video.

To download any files the most reliable way is the following:

  • Computer, MAC, laptop: right click with your mouse on the download link and choose “Save as” or “Save link”
  • On a mobile device tap the download link and hold for a second until a menu pops up that gives you the option to “Save as” or “Save link as”

How to access my dashboard easily on my phone?


Here’s how you can add to your home screen on your phone so that you can access it easily: https://www.howtogeek.com/196087/how-to-add-websites-to-the-home-screen-on-any-smartphone-or-tablet/

I can’t play the videos on my phone


We try to ensure videos play on every device. But in some rare instances your device or browser may need to be updated or some settings need to change.

The easier option is always to try a different browser on your phone, ideally the latest version of Chrome and ensure that you have good internet connection. 

If the error message says “Video Not Available”, refer to this article on a setting in your browser that may prevent videos from playing.

Last but not least, try a different device and that should take care of this.

I don’t see my products in dashboard


What may cause this problem is that your browser has stored a previous version of the website so here’s what you can do:

  1. Click “Logout” in the footer of the member center
  2. Close the tab / window where you logged in before
  3. Open this link in a new window: https://members.betterlifesummits.com/
  4. Re-enter your login details and click “Login”

This should completely reload the dashboard for you.

If this doesn’t load the dashboard or keeps you logged out it may be an issue with the login details. If you are confident you have the right password, please try this:

  1. Open a new incognito window in your browser (use the browser menu and then select “New incognito window”). This will prevent any previous sessions or old login data to disrupt the dashboard from loading for you.
  2. In that new incognito window open this link https://members.betterlifesummits.com/ and then log in with your email and password.

If it still doesn’t work, I’d recommend to delete the browser history for Better Life Summits. In Chrome here is how it works:

  1. Click on the three dots on the top right to open the menu.
  2. Click on “History” and “History” again (or hold the Ctrl key and type the letter H)
  3. Enter members.betterlifesummits.com into the search box on top.
  4. Check the first box on top.
  5. Hold down the SHIFT key on your keyboard, scroll down and click the check box of the last item. All items are now checked.
  6. Click “delete” on the top right to delete these items.
  7. Next open a new tab and try to log in again

If it still didn’t work, it’s time to reset your login details. You can do that by requesting a one-time password here: https://betterlifesummits.com/existing-purchase/summit-package/login-problems/i-cant-log-in-bls-password-reset/

I’m not receiving emails from you


Sometimes email providers block certain incoming emails but here’s what you can do:

Add our email to your contacts.

Go to your email contact list and add our email to your contacts: hello@betterlifesummits.com – that increases the chances of us reaching your inbox.

If you are using Gmail, full instructions here https://www.wikihow.com/Add-Contacts-in-Gmail

Here are simple instructions on how to ensure that future emails get delivered to your inbox, in some of the most popular email clients:

Also note, that when you unsubscribe from updates we can no longer deliver emails to you – even for your purchases.

And if you mark one of our emails as spam, even by accident, we won’t be able to send you emails anymore.

My stored password isn’t working


Here’s what you can do:

  1. Delete the password that is currently stored in your browser – here are instructions for the most common browsers: https://www.bu.edu/tech/services/cccs/desktop/software/troubleshooting/removing-password-from-browsers-saved-password-list/
  2. Request a one-time password, which will reset your password and allow you to set up your own. Follow the instructions here for Better Life Summits or here for Feel Fabulous.
  3. Login with the one time password but do not store that password in your browser because you’ll set up your own next
  4. Set up your own password in your profile
  5. Log out and back in with your own password – this time save the password when the browser prompts you to save it

Alternatively we suggest using a password manager like LastPass to manage your passwords.

Joining Live Sessions

How to use Zoom


Zoom is the leading online meeting platform and what we use for most of our live sessions. How to use Zoom differs depending on your device:

  • Are you on a computer? Follow the instructions for computers.
  • Are you on a mobile device? Follow the instructions for mobile devices.

While you can join on a mobile device, we recommend to join on a laptop, Mac or computer.

Join on a computer (recommneded!)

Here is a short video on how to use Zoom:

1. Open the Zoom link

You’ll find the link to your Zoom meeting inside the member center. Each program has a different link and you’ll find it inside the dashboard for the respective program.

Important: The link will only work at the time of the scheduled live session. It will not work for replays (look for the replay section instead).

Once you’ve found the link, click it and it will open a page that opens will look similar to this:

If you see a notification pop up you can click “Open Zoom Meetings” which should open the webinar.

If the notification doesn’t pop up for you, you need to download and run Zoom. In this case look for the link that says “download & run Zoom” on the page and click that link.

2. Run the Zoom application

You’ll only have to install Zoom once and if you’ve used Zoom before chances are you can skip this step.

But if you do need to download & run Zoom simply click the link “download & run Zoom”, wait for the download to finish and then double click on the application that has been downloaded. This will then install the Zoom application on your device (it may take a few seconds):

Once the application has been installed it will take you to the next and final step:

3. Join the live session

Once Zoom opens you’ll be asked to enter your name and email. Other participants will only be able to see your name if you ask questions. They will not be able to see your email. This registration is required just to make sure only members are joining our live calls.

If you’re a bit early or the host hasn’t started the webinar yet you can just leave the application running and the webinar will load once the host has joined.

Join on a mobile device (we recommend to join on a computer, not a mobile device)

Install the Zoom Mobile App

Follow the instructions to install the app.

Once installed, click the link to join the Zoom live session inside the member center (you can log into the member center on your mobile device to get the link).

If prompted, select “Use Zoom” to open the link on your mobile device.

I couldn’t join the live session with Zoom


Most of the time we use Zoom for our live sessions. Zoom is the market leader for online meetings but it does require to install a small software on your device. Most devices are compatible with Zoom but if there is a glitch here is what you can do:

1. Make sure your device fulfills the system requirements of Zoom

    1. For computes, Mac and Linux click here: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/201362023-System-Requirements-for-PC-Mac-and-Linux
    2. For mobile devices click here: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/201179966-System-Requirements-for-iOS-iPadOS-and-Android

If you encounter difficulties joining and a message which says:  There is another meeting going on

It could be that you were logged into a zoom account which had another meeting going on at the same time or you had zoom already opened and it was still logged into the previous meeting session.

If that happens here’s what you can do:

1. Make sure no zoom application is running

2. Go to zoom.us and be sure you’re not logged in by any chance

Then click the link to the meeting again.

2. Reach out to Zoom support directly here: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us

While Zoom is the most reliable across all devices, in rare instances there can be problems. Because we don’t create the Zoom software we can’t fix technical problems but their support will be able to help you out.

If you have question on how to use Zoom, refer to the other help article.

Is Zoom safe to install?


Zoom is the #1 software for online meetings an used by companies and speakers all around the world. We have been using it for many years without any glitches or safety concerns.

Navigating The Dashboard

Lose Weight With A Full Plate Navigation


The master class has 6 phases. Each phase consists of two weeks. In week 1 of each phase you get the pre-recorded lessons and exercises. Week 2 of each phase is reserved for the Q&A and implementing the lessons. That’s the basic structure so each week is not the same but it alternates instead.

Here is a video on how to navigate through the Master Class and take advantage of all the features – note that the live Q&A calls are only available at certain times but you’ll have access to previously recorded Q&A sessions on each phase:


You’ll also find this video inside the course under “Introduction – Welcome & Walk-Through”.

The principle is quite simple: start at the beginning, open lesson 1, complete lesson 1 and mark it as complete so it gets a check mark, move on to the next lesson, etc. etc.

The course is meant to be completed in chronological order, one lesson at a time so I’d highly suggest you check off any lesson you complete and follow the flow. As long as you mark each lesson as complete, you can always find where you’ve left off just by looking for the next lesson without check mark. The video will demonstrate how it looks like.

How to navigate the member center? (Better Life Summits)


Once you’ve logged into our member center https://members.betterlifesummits.com/ here are a few tips on how to navigate it:

Your starting point is the dashboard. You can always come back here by clicking “Dashboard” or the logo on top of the page:


On the dashboard you’ll find a list of your products – click on the button to access the respective content:

Summit packages are a structured by day and speaker – select which speaker you want to watch and on the respective speaker’s pages you’ll also find the downloads (more).

Programs on the other hand can be a bit more complex to navigate but we try to make it as easy as possible and include an introduction or walk through. For the 21 Day Lose Weight With A Full Plate Challenge for example, you’ll find there is an introduction on top:


But even if we don’t have a dedicated walk through for your summit or program, take your time to have a look around when you first log in and find out where and how to access the content and follow the program. This only takes a few minutes but will make it much easier for you to follow along.

How to navigate the 21 Day Lose Weight With A Full Plate Challenge


After joining the challenge, you’ll find it inside our member center https://members.betterlifesummits.com/

Here are a few tips on how to navigate it:

Your starting point is the dashboard. You can always come back here by clicking “Dashboard” or the logo on top of the page:


On the dashboard you’ll find a list of your products – click on the button to access the challenge:


Programs are structured to be followed chronologically top down.

Start at the top with the overview. Click each section one at a time, open any resources in those sections and then come back to make your way down:


Further down the page, you’ll find the daily modules. Open the first one, go through the content and complete the assignments. Again, go top down and don’t skip ahead:

Mark each module that you complete as completed using the button at the bottom of the module:

This will check off the module in the overview and you’ll always know where to continue when you come back later.

For the challenge, a new module will be released in 24 hour intervals and you’ll find the date and time of the release in the outline as well.

How to navigate the Lose Weight With A Full Plate Master Class


After joining the Master Class, you’ll find it inside our member center https://members.betterlifesummits.com/

Here are a few tips on how to navigate it:

Your starting point is the dashboard. You can always come back here by clicking “Dashboard” or the logo on top of the page:


On the dashboard you’ll find a list of your products – click on the button to access the challenge:


Programs are structured to be followed chronologically top down.

Start at the top and make your way down:


Further down the page, you’ll find that the modules have several lessons. You can expand them to view the individual lessons (again, go top down and don’t skip ahead):

Mark each module that you complete as completed using the button at the bottom of the module:

This will check off the module in the overview and you’ll always know where to continue when you come back later.

To prevent overwhelm, we’ll release the modules over time. You’ll find the date and time of the release in the outline as well.

Where is the content of the 21 Day Lose Weight With A Full Plate Challenge?


If you’ve participated in the 21 Day Lose Weight With A Full Plate challenge in the past, you may find that at times you don’t have access to all the lessons.

If that’s the case, it’s because at the moment the daily lessons are blocked as we’re re-running the challenge. But don’t worry. Once the lessons become available during the challenge, you’ll regain access to them as well.

Unlike other challenges we decided to provide life-time access to the content but it means that when we re-run the challenge, you may temporarily not have access to everything. We felt it’s a small inconvenience for getting lifetime access and why not pretend to follow along with the challenge as well?


Waiting for Facebook group request to be approved


It may take a day or two to be approved to the Facebook group. To protect the group we manually check that each request comes from a member and that the group rules have been accepted.

If your request remains pending after a few days (and it’s not the weekend), maybe either your email is missing from your request to join the group or the rules haven’t bee accepted.

You can correct by opening the link to the Facebook group and then clicking the button underneath the header image (it may say “Pending”):


Click that button and in the window that pops up make sure your email is entered into the field and the rule check box is checked and click submit again:

If you don’t enter your email or accept the group rules your request may not be approved.

Do you have a Facebook group?


We do not have a public Facebook group for our summits or programs.

In some cases we may create a private Facebook group in cooperation with our partners. If that applies to your summit or program, you’ll find the details inside the member center after purchase.

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