Launch Your Own Online Summit


What if you could launch your very own summit without any of the technical, organisational & tedious work that's involved?

You'd be reaching a global audience, creating a buzzing community, having an amazing product, generating revenue, building invaluable partnerships...

And that's our mission: Launch summits with amazing experts like yourself. You simply do what you do best by being an expert in your field while we take care of the rest!

Why launch your own summit?


Reach a global audience

Online summits are so powerful because anyone can join worldwide and because online people are used to coming together with a shared interest.


Impact other people's lives

One single person can only do so much... But with your summit you'll create a platform for multiple experts to join forces and create a profound impact.


Boost authority and visibility

Because a summit is an event and features renowned experts a certain buzz and excitement is almost unavoidable. And you'll be right in the middle of it all.


Generate income while helping others

While summits are free to join, many participants will want to keep the recordings & bonuses which can generate sizable revenue for you.


Relationships with other influencers

A summit is the perfect platform to connect with other thought leaders in the field. You'll find these relationship to be invaluable as you continue to grow.


Rapid growth in a short time

Creating a community, building your email list, having an incredible product to sell... with a summit all this and more happens within just a few short months.

While there are many more reasons to launch a summit, it's not easy. Technology, organisation, partner management, video editing, graphic design, payment processing, accounting, support tickets... all this can become overwhelming. So if you want to launch your very own summit without having to worry about any of this, click here:

It's Like Having A Summit Team - For Free

When we launch your summit together, you're the face of the summit while we take care of all steps behind the scenes. And because this is a partnership you don't pay a single cent for our work...

Simply click here and let's catch up to explore how we can join forces:

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