I can’t post a comment on the summit


We use Facebook comments. To be able to comment you must be logged into Facebook inside the web-browser that you are using.

If you use the Facebook app, this does not automatically mean that you’re logged into Facebook inside your browser as well.

Sometimes logging out and back in can also help so here’s what you can do: 

  1. Open facebook.com inside the browser on your phone
  2. Log out of Facebook
  3. Log into Facebook again
  4. Afterwards and in the same browser open the live broadcast link
  5. Tap comments at the top of the page (see screenshot below).


To view your comment,  scroll all the way down towards the bottom of the page. Please note that you can’t have both the audio playing and see the comments at the same time. To comment, you have to exit viewing/listening mode and make a comment at the bottom then come back up the page and relaunch the video.

Enter your comment and if you want to share it on Facebook also check the box to “Also post on Facebook”. If this doesn’t work, then use another browser – we recommend the latest Google chrome – may help. Because the comment section is added into the page by Facebook we are unable to change how it works.

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