I was charged an additional fee, what happened?


We do not impose an additional charge but it may have been charged by your credit card company because our company is registered in Singapore. To explain:

1. Tobi, the founder of Better Life Summits, founded his company when he lived in Singapore for many years. His wife is Singaporean. While most of our partners, hosts and speakers are from the US, that doesn’t change where the company is registered. And if you wonder about Singapore, know that it’s one of the most modern countries in the world (it’s not China) and ranks on #4 on the list of least corrupt countries (only behind Denmark, New Zealand and Finland). Also know that besides the registration of the company, nothing actually goes through Singapore. Our payment providers are US companies (Stripe and PayPal), our website is hosted in the US, our email server is in the US, etc. and most importantly: we don’t have access to any payment details – everything is handled by Stripe and PayPal directly.

2. We do not impose any additional charges – we only receive the actual payment. If there are additional charges, these were imposed by your bank or credit card. Sometimes they do that in case of an international payment. Please reach out to your credit card provider to clarify.

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