I purchased the package, why can’t I access the replays?


When you purchase the summit package, we don’t exclude you from the live summits. So you will still receive emails for the live summit which would say that the replays will disappear after 24 hours but of course that is not relevant for you. With your summit package you will have lifetime access to the interviews even if the replays are no longer available for the general public.

In other words, there are two links for a summit:

1. The link to the live summit where the general public can participate and access is limited

2. The link to the member center where participants who purchased the package can access all summit interviews for life

With the summit package it’s completely optional to join the live summit and you don’t have to worry about the replays ending – that only applies to the general public.

That said, of course we’d be thrilled if you were to join us during the live summit because you’ll get to interact with us and the other community members and you’ll get to watch the interviews before they are added to the member center (interviews are uploaded after they have aired during the live summit).

And here is the link to the member center where we’ll add the interviews after they aired during the live summit: https://members.betterlifesummits.com/

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