How do I download the summit interviews?


Remember: We’ll add the summit interviews only after they have aired during the summit!

Once they are available, here is how to download the audio interviews and the transcripts. We do not offer downloads for videos but you’ll have lifetime access to the video through our member center.

Step 1: Log into the member center here:

Step 2: Open the summit – here an example:

Step 3: Click on the headline of any interview you want to watch or download:

Step 4: When the page for a particular speaker opens you’ll see the video on top and the download buttons underneath the video. Choose your preferred mode of delivery.

To download the files please right click on the button and select “Save as…” or “Save link as…” and download the file.


On a mobile device you can follow the same process except for the fact that phones don’t have a “right click”. Instead on a mobile device what you want to do is to tab the download button and hold your finger on screen for a second or so. A menu will pop up that will then give you the download option. After the file has been downloaded, just click it to play.

On an iPhone or iPad you may want to add the audio file to iTunes or use this workaround.

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