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The master class has 6 phases. Each phase consists of two weeks. In week 1 of each phase you get the pre-recorded lessons and exercises. Week 2 of each phase is reserved for the Q&A and implementing the lessons. That’s the basic structure so each week is not the same but it alternates instead.

Here is a video on how to navigate through the Master Class and take advantage of all the features – note that the live Q&A calls are only available at certain times but you’ll have access to previously recorded Q&A sessions on each phase:


You’ll also find this video inside the course under “Introduction – Welcome & Walk-Through”.

The principle is quite simple: start at the beginning, open lesson 1, complete lesson 1 and mark it as complete so it gets a check mark, move on to the next lesson, etc. etc.

The course is meant to be completed in chronological order, one lesson at a time so I’d highly suggest you check off any lesson you complete and follow the flow. As long as you mark each lesson as complete, you can always find where you’ve left off just by looking for the next lesson without check mark. The video will demonstrate how it looks like.

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