The stored password in my browser isn’t working or causing problems


Browsers can help you store password but those stored passwords can get in the way when they are outdated. So if you face problems logging in after changing your password or requesting a new password, here’s what you can do:

  1. Delete the password that is currently stored in your browser – here are instructions for the most common browsers:
  2. Request a one-time password, which will reset your password and allow you to set up your own. Follow the instructions here for Better Life Summits or here for Feel Fabulous.
  3. Login with the one time password but do not store that password in your browser because you’ll set up your own next
  4. Set up your own password in your profile
  5. Log out and back in with your own password – this time save the password when the browser prompts you to save it

Alternatively we suggest using a password manager like LastPass to manage your passwords.

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