How do I create my profile so it shows up in the members directory?


The members directory is where other members can find you and you can reach out to other members to find accountability partners and make friends.

Please take a few minutes to create your profile.

In the dashboard click here:


First, upload a picture of yourself (without picture your profile won’t appear in the directory):


Next click “upload” to find your picture or drag and drop it on to the upload screen:


You can crop your image (the highlighted area) and then click “apply”:


Your image should show up in your profile. Next fill out the details in Step 2 and click “Publish Profile”:


If you’re looking for an accountability partner, you’ll want to check the box for “Do you want an accountability partner” so that other members can contact you. We won’t share your email but will send you their message from our email instead and then it’s up to you to decide to respond or not.

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