Why is the company registered in Singapore?

Before we get into the history of Better Life Summits know this: while the company is registered in Singapore, our payment processors in Stripe and PayPal are US based, our email service providers are US based, our website server is in the US and most of our community is from the US as well.

So why Singapore?

Tobi, the founder of Better Life Summits is from Germany. Before starting Better Life Summits Tobi worked in the renewable energy sector and ended up in Singapore for projects in South East Asia that were set up to reduce carbon emissions. That’s when he met his wife, who is Singaporean. A few years later he founded a company in Singapore which turned into what you see today.

While Singapore may catch you by surprise, Singapore is one of the world’s most modern countries (it’s not China), the fourth largest financial center in the world, one of the least corrupt country – far ahead of countries you would trust like the US and most of Europe. And Singapore is a vibrant, fascinating melting pot of cultures that is definitely worth a visit if you ever have the chance.

So the fact that our company is registered in Singapore comes from the personal history behind it. Any while many thing we’re a big company, Better Life Summits is essentially a team of two.

Tobi and his wife live in Germany right now.

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