Can I ask for a refund for the Feel Fabulous membership program?


No. All membership payments are final and there are no refunds. For details please refer to our terms that you have agreed to when signing up.

The 14 days trial was designed for our members to freely explore and if unsatisfactory, cancel anytime at no charge within that 14 days trial period. So while all payments for the membership are final, you can cancel any time (see other question for details) and of course you full have access to everything for the remainder of your paid period. 

Here a few ideas on how to make the most of your time in Feel Fabulous: 


Watch the latest replay inside the dashboard (in fact you have access to all replays and can even search them for topics). And please do join the upcoming live sessions as well.


Post any questions that you may have on how to make this work for you so that Chef AJ can address them in time (you’ll find a form under “Post new question”)


Connect and engage with other community members (no one does this alone!) through the members directory or Facebook. And of course you will continue to have access to our Facebook group even if you no longer have an active subscription.


Create your own meal plans using the meal planner tool – you can download them and keep them for future reference.

And of course you’re more than welcome to join our Facebook group and remain a member inside that Facebook group even after you’ve cancelled. We love company and our community will be there to support you on your journey!

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