I’m having problems finding a buddy in the member directory


Inside Feel Fabulous (https://members.feelfabulousoverforty.com/) you have access to our member directory. The directory allows you to connect with other members outside of Facebook.

To find a buddy please follow these steps:

Before you do anything else, fill out your profile here:


Filling out your profile does not mean you’ll be assigned a buddy. We tried assigning buddies before and it’s never worked because no one can force you to like someone. So here’s how to find a buddy.

Navigate to the member directory:


On the next page use the search fields to find community members to connect with. Many start by looking for other members in their area – use the location search field for that.

Try your city name, city abbreviation, state name, state abbreviation, etc. to increase your chances of finding other members nearby.

And if you don’t find someone nearby, don’t worry – just approach any member that looks like you’d get along with! Being one the same page is more important than being in the same area code…

We even have a list of community members who are actively looking for a buddy as well and it’s the best place to start:

Look for the speak bubble icon – it symbolizes that you can contact this member. So, now that you’re ready to approach a member click on their profile:


On the profile page you’ll find a contact button:


Click on the button to connect. This will open a message field where you can send this member a personal message (if you fill out this form on your own profile page, you’ll be sending yourself a message if you want to test it). Make your message personal, share about yourself, why you hope to get a buddy, why you are reaching out to them, etc.

We’ll then email your message and contact details to this member so they can respond and hopefully you’ll hit it off right away.

But just like making friends – you may have to talk to a few members to find the right buddy and that’s totally OK. Just be open and kind in your communication and don’t be shy to approach more than one member.

Have fun connecting!

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