I missed to download the previous Feel Fabulous weekly meal plan. Can I still get it?


The meal plans are designed to help you get started and familiarize with Chef AJ’s entire collection of recipes. Because you have access to all the recipes and our meal planner, once the meal plan has been replaced, you can no longer download it. But the meal plans are up for two weeks instead of one to give you enough time.

And we would highly encourage you to take advantage of the new meal planner tool in your dashboard where you can easily customize a meal plan for yourself that you truly enjoy with your favorite recipes. We’ve made it really user friendly and the tool guides you along in the entire process to create the perfect meal plan based on your own preferences – check out this demo video to see it in action:

So why not log into the member center here: https://community.feelfabulousoverforty.com/

Once inside look for this button in the “Eat Right” section:


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