What if my membership trial ends before the challenge does?


You’ll be added to the challenge as long as you have an active membership when we start (trials count too)!

If you are still on a trial the timing works like this:

  1. Your membership trial is 14 days starting the day you signed up
  2. The challenge starts on a specific date for everyone independent of your registration date
  3. Example: if you signed up on June 26th, your trial ends on July 10th (the challenge may start on a different date)
  4. As long as the challenge is on, you’ll continue to have access to everything inside Feel Fabulous even if you cancel your trial

The 14 days trial is designed for new members to freely explore and if unsatisfactory, cancel anytime at no charge within that period. The subscription charges for the membership will be automatically deducted after 14 days of your registration regardless of the challenge.

All subscription payments are non-refundable. Please refer to our terms for details: https://betterlifesummits.com/terms/

NOTE: We reserve the right to block the misuse of our trial for person(s) with repeated free sign ups.

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