Update Credit Card details


Updating your credit card information is possible inside the customer hub of our shopping cart. The shopping cart is called “ThriveCart” and you can follow along here:

1. Click this link (opens a new tab) and enter your email into the field: https://click.thrivecart.com/updateinfo/

2. Within a few minutes you should receive an email from “ThriveCart” with the subject “Update info / view purchase history”. Please check your spam folder as well!

Once you’ve received the email please click the link inside that email (it expires in a few minutes so if it doesn’t work, request a new link via step 1).

3. After you clicked the link, it will open a page where you can click “Update my info” in the profile section.

Clicking this button will then open a modal window with your personal details and the ability to update any card details.
To update your credit card the steps are:

  1. Click the ‘Update’ button to unlock the credit card fields
  2. Enter the new credit card details
  3. Click “Save Changes”

After you’ve entered your new credit card information, complete the update by clicking the “Save changes” button.
That’s it. You can verify the update by closing the modal / pop up and then clicking the “Update my info” button once again.

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