How can I switch to the annual plan?


We don’t have the authority to start charging you more. Everything is handled by the payment processor directly – that keeps you safe and let’s us sleep well at night. That means the upgrade process requires two steps: 

  1. Cancelling the monthly plan
  2. Signing up for the annual plan

Step 1: Cancelling the monthly plan

1. Click this link (opens a new tab) and enter your email into the field:

2. Within a few minutes you should receive an email from “ThriveCart” with the subject “Update info / view purchase history”. Check your spam folder as well.

3. Click the link inside that email (it expires in a few minutes so if it doesn’t work, request a new link via step 1).

4. After you clicked the link, it will open a page where you can click “Subscriptions”.

5. Click the “View” button for the subscription you would like to cancel. Please note that your trial will be listed under the “Trials” tab, while the paid subscriptions will be listed under the “Current” tab.


6. Click “Cancel subscription”.

If you signed up with PayPal this will redirect you to PayPal. Please log in and click “Cancel” and confirm with “Cancel Plan” within PayPal. You will see a confirmation within PayPal.

After you’ve cancelled your subscription it will be listed in the “Cancelled” tab (see previous image).

Step 2: Sign up for the yearly plan

Once you’ve cancelled the trial / monthly subscription, please sign up for the annual membership using the same email address here:

We understand that this is not the most straight forward way but there is a reason for it: to protect you, we do not have access to your payment details! Everything is handled by the payment processors directly. And they need to receive the authorization for the upgrade directly from you. Sure, the process takes a few minutes but we hope you agree that this is a small inconvenience for knowing your payment details safe.

Your current password will continue to work after the upgrade. In case any of these steps don’t work for you or you want us to confirm that everything went through correctly, please email

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