How do I join your Facebook group?


We have a private Facebook group for Feel Fabulous members and participants in a few select programs. As a member of Feel Fabulous you’ll find the link and instructions to join the group inside the member center under “Facebook Group”:

When you click that link, it will open a page with the rules of the Facebook group and a video by Chef AJ.

Go through it carefully – only if we’re all on the same page can the group be a save and supportive place.

And after you’ve gone through the rules, you’ll find the link to join.

Click that link which will open the Facebook group:

Next click “Join Group” – this will open a pop up.

In the window that pops up enter your email so we know it’s you and accept the group rules before you click “Submit”:

If you don’t enter your email or accept the group rules your request may not be approved.

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